You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right…To PARTY!

by Keith Johnson

See that man standing in the bleachers? That’s me—I’m an American, dammit!  Every time I hear that “Star Spangled Banner” played over the loud speakers, I set my $7 cup of beer down here on the seat and proudly place my right hand over my heart.  See that tear in my eye?  That’s what you call patriotism.

I can’t tell you what the sixth amendment is, but I do know who won game six in the NBA finals. 

When I hear people complain about the government, I tell them “listen, buddy…if you don’t love America, why don’t you just geeeet out!”  

I’ve got Alan Jackson in my CD player and a yellow “Support The Troops” sticker on my bumper.  I do my part.  I pay my taxes and I raised my son on Tom Clancy video games.  He’s in Afghanistan right now putting those skills to work.  What have you done for your country lately? 

I’ve got an eighteen-year-old daughter who just moved to Hollywood to pursue a singing career.  She’s doing great.  As a matter of fact, Hugh Hefner just invited her to move into his mansion with two other girls.  She’s got a reality TV show in the works.  Damn, I’m proud of those kids.

I drive a Ford F150.  That’s right, I buy American! Every third day I shop at Wal-Mart and stock up on Hot Pockets and Budweiser beer, and then I swing around to the Home Depot and pick up three Mexicans to work on my construction site.  Them boys are funny.  They’re always joking around saying they’re gonna take over Texas.  I kid them right back and tell them if that happens, Mexicans will be jumping the fence trying to get into Oklahoma.  They love that Mexican flag.  Good for them.  I don’t mind seeing a Mexican flag flying over my Post Office, but if I see my neighbor flying the American flag upside down?  You better believe that I’m gonna WE TIP his butt to Homeland Security and get that bastard shipped off to Guantanamo.

See this gut?  You don’t see any Muslim terrorists with a gut like that.  No sir…that’s an American made gut full of hot dogs and Jagermeister.  See that American flag? That was made in China by slave laborers.  That’s right, China’s my bitch!  Them yellow bastards only wish they could be over here takin’ part in all this freedom.

Speaking of freedom, how do you expect to win the war on terror when we’ve got this damn Constitution and Bill of Rights always coming to the defense of them Islamo- fascists?  Get rid of that Constitution.  You can take my Bill O’ Rights too, but don’t you dare take away my Bill O’Reilly. 

I know what’s going on.  I keep abreast of current affairs each day.  Jon Stewart tells me everything I need to know.  He’s a little liberal for my liking, but he’s one funny dude.   He has a way of turning the horrific into one big joke.  I may be losing my house, my wife, and my freedom—but hey—why should I get all worked up about it, right?   Now if I really want to get serious I turn to Glenn Beck.  Now there’s a real American.  That boy knows what’s going on.  He’s spent his entire life in a drug-induced stupor, getting fired from one morning-drive job after another, only to turn it all around in a split-second to become the most trusted political analyst and historian in television history.  That’s what you call an American success story.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There’s another great American.   Here’s a guy whose voice was dubbed in by another actor in his first film role as “Hercules in New York.”  Now he’s the Governor of California.  Ten years ago, if you pitched the idea of Schwarzenegger playing the part of a Governor in a serious drama, you’d be laughed out of Hollywood.  We’ve come a long way since then.  I hope to someday slap a “Palin/Schwarzeneggar” 2012 sticker right next to my “W” and “Support The Troops” stickers to show my American pride off to all those damn liberals.  I’m not politically correct…I think outside the box.  I’m a rebel.  Let some pansy liberal try and stop me.  I’ll get right in his face and tell him “if you don’t like America, why don’t you just geeeet out!

Damn, I love war.  Why?  Because war is the American way.   Besides, why should I be concerned as long as bombs aren’t being dropped on my lawn?  I don’t worry about World War Three because I won’t be around to see it.  Jesus will come before then to usher me up to that big Astrodome in the sky, where everyone is a Rockets fan and nobody wears a damn turban unless they’re driving my drunk ass home in a taxi down gold paved streets. 

And what’s all this fuss about that “so-called” peace flotilla?  Israel had every right to rappel down from American funded helicopters– in international waters–and assassinate people.  God knows what would happen if those coloring books and crayons-of-mass-destruction got into the hands of Hamas pre-schoolers.  Now I hear that a shipload of nuns is on their way to Gaza.  I guess we should just let them get food to those poor Palestinian children so they can get all nourished and grow up to build bottle rockets that land on empty lots in Jerusalem. 

Boy, I tell you.  I don’t know what the world is coming to, but it sure as hell is affecting my golf game.  Thank God the 4th of July is coming up.  I’m gonna get me a big bag of briquettes and do me up some cheeseburgers.   Then I’m gonna wash it all down with a keg of beer and shoot off some fireworks. 

God bless America!  The rest of you can go straight to Hell!

The above is satire.  It is completely ficticious.

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  1. THAT WAS WONDERFUL!Brilliant.It is so typical of what I encounter with the brain washed neoconservative proliteriate.There all programmed by the vile Limbaugh,FOX NEWS,and old liberal WW2 paytriotisem turned around as conservatisem!!!!!!They worship”VALUES”over there own self-interest,and forget any solidarity with there fellows.”THAT MIGHT BE SOCIALISTIC.ANTI-CHRISTIAN(WASN”T JEBUS A CAPITIALIST?)or :”JUST LIKE HITLER”OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH,,mention his vaunted name to the brain washed lovers of’FREEDOM’,and the Hollywood’Liberal’,or Marxist version they got brain washed into believing kicks into there soft neoconservative flag drapped brains.It is this mass of people.The Americas Home Video types.The ‘Chevy’men’,who love the Lord who are killing us.They gave us there hero Bush.They impower Isreal,and the Jewish banks,and they will give us Armegedden.

    • You goddamn liberals are just as much to blame. Osama Adolph Alois Hitler Obama is taking away constitutionally guaranteed liberties fast than Bush ever did. This man of Kenyan birth and Indonesian citizen is the biggest tyrant I have ever seen in my life time. He makes Stalin look like a piker.

      Most Americans are slacked jaw morons who suck their thumbs and they manifest themselves as good ole boys, rednecks, and yes asshole they also manifest themselves as sterile yuppies, pseudo intellectual liberals and so called social justice progressives. (Which are soley responsible for the downfall of American.) Northern light pull your head out of your ass and realize their is no real left or right in this country. Its all ran by offshore bankers and the corporate elite.

      • You bet theres no left or right.The Neoconservatives are the real enemy.Bush the good fundementelist fool good ole boy wretch was there creature without limit,and this country was bleed dry.Clever aren’t they.The neoconservative/fundementilist coalition,running the naSTY GOP,using flag waving and Bible bunkem etc to move the Rothchild (57%US FEDERAL RESERVE-THEY OWN YOU!!!!) agenda.Bring up the old WW 2 Jew propaganda on Hitler( US ALLIE STALIN LOL CHURCHILL ROTHCHILD PUPPIT See David Irving Action Report),and rile up the illiterates who never read a decent history book.Obama is not Hitler.If he were the Zionists and Rothchilds WOULD BE THROUGH!DAH!!!!Proves how Kieths satire is so true!Those ALL AMMURIKANS are even reading this site and don’t get it.Know wonder the Jews call us the herd!

      • Obama is a continuation of the Bush regime. Bush set the structure in place for Obama to use so he can destroy this country. There is one party in the USA and that is the big government party. Good ole boys are in the same vain as the snearing hoity toity liberal yuppie wannabes that think they’re part of the system. One group drinks coors the other drinks wine and sniffs coke up their noses.

  2. This was good! Encounter folks with this kind of thinking daily! I hate to admit it though!

  3. Kevin’s observations articulate the tragic-comedic state of affairs in what has become Amerikka. Mark Glenn knew what he was doing when he entitled our podcast, “The Ugly Truth” . . . .

  4. If only the rest of the American people become aware of what is really going on, the US will withdraw its support to those vile people who are fleecing the taxpayer, regain its sovreignty (starting by disbanding the Federal Reserve) and bring the banksters to book. Keith can then celebrate the 4th of July in style, free from Zionist bondage.

  5. Sadly, although I got a few chuckles from reading this, it’s pretty on the money for lots of incredibly ignorant (“ig’nant”) people.

  6. Your observations on Americans is correct, my question is: Are they the majority? It almost seems useless to even consider trying to save America from the enemies with in if we are surrounded by useful idiots who are living in la la land.

  7. Dazzling analysis of the average AmeriKan Joe six-pak. Accurate? Its SPINE CHILLING ACCURATE! Your ‘character’s profile is the EXACT – DEAD NUTS – UNCANNY -personification of most of my neighbors TO A T! If it wasn’t so scary true – it would be funny.

    Dumber than a crate of hammers – more shallow than a kiddie wading pool – having all the wisdom of a paramecium – the intellect of a retarded oyster – the REASON why the book: ‘THE UGLY AMERICAN’ was a best seller – and less resoponsible than your average junk yard dog. OH – and I’m describing the more intelligent ones.

    BTW – I used to to a radio show on WFLA in Tampa and am painfully aware of Glenn Beck – Gag – barf – puke. You are exactamente’ correct about him. Why do you think his Jew bosses allowed him to be one of their puppets?

    Sadly – the people who need this brilliant wake -up call the most, are WAY too stupid to even understand its meaning. So thats about it – gotta run. Am late for the NFL tailgate party and the cold Buds –GO BUCS!


  8. Mark–this scared the heck out of me when I read it. I thought you had gone over to the dark side. Then I realized it was tongue up a@$!
    The same mentality exists in Canada I am ashamed to say, from our government on down to the brain dead,zionist controlled plebs. And none is more controlled than all of our government.

  9. Party on! That is unless you still have any of that Dixie Chick music. Damn them for insulting our best preznit ever.

  10. I don’t know how many “sitcoms” over the last few decades have persnified this “true American patriot.” The ones it describes are too dense to know that in those TV shows they are getting their faces rubbed in manure, and actually LIKE it!! Worth saving? Hmmmm….

    Ray Goodwin

  11. Very enjoyable read! Those people ARE out there, and way too many of them …

  12. Oh man…I shed a tear when I read this!! I currently serve in the US military as one of a very tiny minority (and by minority, I mean those of us with the rare ability to utilize our own thought processes..A.K.A: “bleeding heart liberals”). What I’ve just read describes just about every service member who, sadly, feels obligated to take on the full face of a “Blue-blooded, flag wavin’, unforgivin’, Hard-core Conservative Amurrkinn” by virtue of their enlistment. The sad thing is, I’ve seen so many who take on this persona just to impress others, and after a brief read of these people and I can tell they’re just putting it on because they’re too damned afraid of disappointing the seemingly like-minded crowd of other robots who are ALSO reluctant to fragment the perceived solidarity. I get into “debates” everyday with people suffering from severe cases of cognitive dissonance, and watch them burn up when I strike a chord that forces them to challenge their OWN way of thinking. If it wouldn’t cost me my career and a livelihood that’s taken me over 15 years to solidify, I’d print this out and post it all over my base..then I’d wait in the shadows to see who gets red in the face after reading it. Keep it up!

  13. I don’t know who the dumbest Americans are… the Liberals are just as idiotic as conservatives, only in the opposite direction. Your both to stupid to realize your fiddling while Rome burns.

  14. read was funny…thank god it’s not accurate though. It was a bit too “redneck” even for me. And no..neo-cons are not the majority and never were.

    after 9/11 people were shocked, stunned and angry. No one would dare think our government would be that evil. Now many people (including former Bush supporters like myself) are wide awake and not very happy. I know Mossad/CIA did 9/11. I know there is no right and left…only the war party. I honestly though Bush would have ended the wars with in 4-6 years tops. never could I have imagined what I now know.

    The simple fact is this: Americans are scared right now. More scared than we have ever been. Knowing our government would murder 6 thousand innocent americans to benefit Isreal is horrifying.

    The party is over and has been over for some time. Cause now we can’t help but wonder just what will Isreal do in order to save itself as Americans become very much aware. They will do anything.

    It’s obvious there is an assult on the middle class. I will not buy a flag made in china. I will not be fooled by the next 9/11 and I do not want more war. I will not support an invasion of Iran. No 4th of july picnic this year. No support our troops stickers, no fireworks.

    America is waking up. The sleeping giant is FINALLY waking up. And Isreal is not happy about that.

  15. The education system was infiltrated and subverted years ago. The media outlets tell fairy tales 24/7, non-stop. They are stuck in the matrix of their handlers design. Some are waking up. If the rest don’t wake up and smell the house burning soon, they will just burn with the rest.
    Christ himself said you can’t save them all.

  16. Right on Keith!
    Anyone that doesn’t like O’Rilley or my buddy Glen can kiss my ass! Your fav song must be “Living in the USA, right? Mine too!
    I love this country so much I include an extra 10% whenever I pay my income tax! I just hope they put it toward balancing the budget. If everyone did that-just THINK of what could happen!We could build Pastor Hagee’s church to a 55,000 seating capacity!
    All this commie talk about the war in Afghanistan being implemented because of Heroin production and mineral assets has to be coming from those heathens in the ol’ USSR and Red China. You gotta know they want that stuff too! Well, since Jesus has blessed us to start kickin’ some rightous butt over there, and we happen to ‘find’ some cool stuff, it MUST be a gift from God! Put those smelly mountain climbing bastards to work in some good old fashion mining jobs. Hell, if AMERICANS in TN can get all grubby, blown to hell, and suffocated from getting coal to be able to pay their AMERICAN MORTGAGE then AFGANI’S can too! Well’s Fargo might even open up a bank or two now! I see nothin but exciting news coming forward.
    This spill in the gulf they’re all fumin’ about? I mean, they have PROFESSONALS on it. They have really really good stuff that they are throwin’ on it all over the place called…KORXIT or somethin. The oil will simply settle to the bottom when it’s safe to scoop it up with a vacumn. How easy is that?
    And all this talk about housing markets along the coast falling over the cliff is bunk. I mean, if you got half a mill to spend on a nice beach house you gotta have a few thou left over to spend on a nice in ground pool right? I mean, it’s not like all that oil is gonna affect the sounds of the waves right? And at night those waves will sound just like normal waves crashing upon the shore under a peaceful American God Ordained Moon!
    Good to see someone else has a modicum of intelligence around these parts.
    You’re da man K.

  17. Shalom, Goyims!…don’t you all realize that Yah’s Special Pets OWN YOU, outright, according to Holy Scripture?!…what’s wrong with you Plebs, daring to question The Chosen’s RIGHT to rule over you?!
    You should be grateful that you haven’t been frickaseed already…you will be, according to the
    Oy,it’s a HolyHoax already!
    Seriously, outstanding post, Mark…and great comments, from very intelligent and articulate respondants…thank you all for an enlightening day-there IS HOPE!!!…

  18. Sheesh. If it wasn’t so true it would be funny. Ugh……. : (

  19. one of the best, if not THE best pieces of writing I ever encountered.

    My favorite line–you can take away my Bill O’ Rights but don’t take my Bill O’Reilly–OUTRAGEOUS!

    thnx for such a great piece


  20. It’s funny how the Liberals try to mask their hatred of this country by attempting to make patriotic Americans look like fools. After all, if you love this country you must be a moron right? To the author and all those a**holes yukking it up, I say “SUCKIT” and God Bless America. Like the a**hole said, if you don’t like it, you can geet out!

    • I’d love to get out of this falling third world dump that stupid white trash love and there hero Bush helped destroy; however, since Jew WAr 2;when the world was made safe for Rothchild;the Zionists run almost the whole world!

  21. Hilarious piece of writing. My only comment would be that for the people being satirised, the US Constitution wouldn’t be completely trashed – you’d have to keep the Second Amendment so they can keep on building up their stores of guns and ammo.

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  23. The saddest part for me is I know people like this and had to read over half of it before I realized this was a joke!

    • HA HA-Alert to all you FREEDOM LOVING FOX NEWS watchen,Limpballs listners out there!FOX NEWS CHIEF’neoconservatve and Rothchild toady Rupert Murdock is going to promote Amnesty for illegals!!!!!MY!MY!Gonna spit out your beer!Beat up your kids.Holler at he wife!Theres gonna be hell in the trailer tonight.They’ll go out to buy more guns to fight off the government you so LOVE!

  24. This is your brain on MacFluoride speaking.

    What’s your average Joe SixPack gonna say when he starts breathing benzine and Corexit9500 come hurricane season?

    C’mon Plebs – wakey wakey, rise and shine…

  25. The only reason Americans still have some rights is because, the fascist government has not figured out how to disarm us. Stay armed Americans, you are the only thing standing in the way of World Domination!!!

    • Well here we have a ‘Joe SixPack’,giving us the FASCIST WARNING!Where you hear that?Pat Robertson,FOX NEWS?Limbaugh.Je Liberman or his boy friend McCann?Knowone in this country meets that old liberal attack line definition.Fascist States do not allow bankers control or Zionst control like we do.Nor did the AXIS powers in WW2 or the Third Reich have gun control.The only people who confiscated gun s in Germany and Japan were the Allied occupiers after the war!How typical,and wrong of the American RIGHT WINGERS FREEDOM LOVERS(YOU LOST THAT LONG AGO) to repeat the Fascist/Nazi bunk.Oh yeah;Some idoits with there HUNTEN’guns are going to fight the Zionist US Government.Try it.Saddam distributed guns to the Iraqi people when the great good Christian drunk Bush invaded.The Iraqis got occupied!Go get a non-Jew history book before repeating such neoconservative lies.

  26. So, uh, what do you think of Obama? Open borders? Affirmative action?

    • Bush the failed fool;hero of Joe Six Pack kept thse borders open.The GOP loves open immigration.When the great Pat Buchanan ran for President he was run out of the Republican party by the Jew neoconservatives who want to lower wages and hire illegals for ther busineses.The fundementilist element wants to save them for Jesum/Yehew and fill up thee churches to keep some lazy livered moron called a minister in groceries.

  27. Yes the new world order antichrist beast system is stealing America right from us. And it consist of the International Bankers/Bilderbergers/Illuminat and the evil and very deceptive Freemasonry devils who have been infesting America with its witchcrafts for centuries now!!

    As they will have larger wars (possibly world war 3) and then after they have culled (depopulated the masses by wars) they will demand that everybody that survives will take their zombie making and soul destroying mark of the beast chip in their forehead or hand. Revelation 13 and 14. And if you take that chip (mark) it will steal your mind and will eventually make you worship the antichrist beast leader that will emerge as the worlds saviour!!

    And if you take that beast chip, you will even give your children and spouse to the antichrist beast leader. For will demand your utter worship and everything!!

    But Revelation 14:9-11 says that if you do this; you will forever burn in the great lake of fire and brimstone. Why? Because you have given your soul to him and to his father Lucifer (Satan)

    Serve Jesus instead. For though they will behead us and martyr us; we will have great rewards in heaven and on the renovated and beautified Earth when Jesus returns with His heavenly armies. For He and His angels will wipe them all out in hours. And have them all judged and in the lake of fire and brimstone; while we live like gods and goddesses on the renovated and beautified Earth!!

    • Oh will the monothiestic religions PLEASE LET US ALONE!This nonsense has killed or enslaved millions.Wasn’t Bush with his fundementilist political base ENOUGH?No science!Stem cell.BAN ALL ABORTION,even for rape and incest.THAN THE WAR for ISREAL!!!!!But really for Rothchild BP,SHELLEXON MOBILE:2 TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH!Plus the loss of life,sadness,casualties)antiquietes,Justified to the flag wavingboobs who believe a book which was written and rewrittten again and again.(BIBLE).Christianity was a trick injected into the Western world by Jews.Jesus against Rome,Jesus for Rome,Jesus;the humble,Jesus for the poor,Jesus for the rich,Jesus the sexy,Jesus the celebate,Jesus the Jew,Jesus against the Jews.Will the real Jesus stand up?Than theres the Jews?TOTAL EVIL.They run your life.The banks,Hiollywood,the courts Academia,Publishing,pschyology.Thekeft AND THE RIGHT!THE SELF ANOINTED CHOSEN ONES.BUNK.And oh the Moslums.Its only ancient Judiesem mingled with Christanity,and tribalisem anew!(BUT AT LEAST SOME OF THEM FIGHT ISREAL)Maybe we need a so-called ANTICHRIST to get rid of them all!LOL

  28. From all indication, the International Bankers and the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, and the Freemasons are really forging ahead with their One World Government; and its coming mark of the beast system that will enslave the whole world. As that zombie making beast chip will have its host worshipping the antichrist beast leader.

    And according to Revelation’s 13 and 14, you won’t be able to buy or sell without that mark (chip) in your forehead or hand. And if you take that beast chip, you will be forever cursed by God according to Revelation 14:9-11. Why? Because it will mean that you have given your life to the antichrist beast leader and Satan (Lucifer)!!

    • Also in Revelation it states the anti-christ comes first….in five months, then comes Christ….Don’t get in bed with Satan…Christ will not have you….Learn to Barter! Since we already have the one world system, manifested as the U seless N uts to frustrate the world more fully, then ever, also basically supported by the U.S. to no avail,Ie. Irag, Iran, and anyone else who decides to disregard any U.N.demands? By the by, it is supposed to take Christ only minutes to dispense his justice on Satan’s minions…Satan already has his reservation. And then there is super- ego, himself, B.Hussien O’Bama and his czars, suck-ups, His Hope and Change are synonyms for Jeremiah Wright’s road to reparations. I am doubly pleased there are sane sources to turn to, namely Fox News, where else would I get the skinny on CRIME,Inc. AKA Soros and the rest of his bleeding hearts, making money faster then they can bank, Al Gloor’s millions,and Planes, SUV, huge house, Carbon footprints. That was really worth a Peace Prize, if barry can qualify then certainly can Fidel Castro and Al. Its obvious B.O. hates and despises the U.S., which leads into my next question, B.O. IF YOU AND MICHELLE FIND THIS SUCH A HARD PLACE TO LIVE, GO ON BACK TO INDONESIA OR AFRICA IF THEY WILL TAKE YOU, HAVE TO GIVE THEM SOME SENSE OF SELF RESPECT, IF THEY REFUSED YOUR ENTRY! yOU CERTAINLY HAVE MY REMORSELESS ENCOURAGEMENT TO HIT THE ROAD JACK! yESTERDAY!~

      • What!? Obama is just another puppet of the International Bankers/Bilderbergers and their Illuminati Freemasons!! And he is surrounded by devils who tells him every move that he must make. They set him up in power; and they are also able to take him down. But he is a good boy for them and he will stay.

        But the great price that he and his other evil minions will pay will be an horrible eternity in the great lake of fire and brimstone. For those who work directly with them will be in the worst parts of the great lake of fire and brimstone. For their tormentings are 10 times worse than your ordinary sinners; whose agonies will be extremely harsh and unbearable as it is!!

  29. The Jews adhere to the tennets of the Talmud-even the atheist Jews…it is in the very marrow of their bones to systematically destroy whomever they come in contact with…PERIOD!…people cite numerous examples of “oppression” of Da Poo-ah Jooz, which are innumerable. Name ONE, just one period where they did NOT ruin the host that was infested with the Parasites!
    Didn’t think so, I rest my case!

    • Yes the Jews Talmud and Caballa are very evil books that was written by Satans children and Jewish priest. For most Jewish Rabbies are actually Satanist themselves; whether they know it or not. And their ancient writings were written by hellish Rabbies and priest who wrote by the inspiration of Satan; just like the Holy Bible was written by Godly men who followed the Spirit of God!! And their place in hell will be a most agonizing one; as they have led many souls into perdition and to hell.

  30. Yes, that was entertaining, but not helpful…

    Much better would have been had you posted the name, address and schedule for the coming week of key people responsible for the the destruction of America. For example, Lloyd Blankfein…where does he live? What is his schedule this week. How about Joe Lieberman? Would love to know about Monsanto’s and BP’s upper management home addresses and schedules.

    Am I getting through to you? The time for showboating is way past, amigo. Time to gather scalps or do you intend to tell one last joke when some numbnut in a ninja turtle suit puts you on your knees, levels his M16 and blows your head off?

  31. Jews are the Synagogue of satan(Revelation 2:9,3:9)and CONVERTED KHAZARS,they adopted judaism in 740 Black see kingdom.
    The Jewish Encyclopedia:
    “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.

    The Encyclopedia Judaica (1972):
    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism… In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire.

    The Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 10, (1971) relates the following about the Khazars (Chazars):
    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries A.D. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism.”
    (Encyclopedia Judicia, Vol. 10, (1971)
    European white people are the true Israelitis,those people form THE NEW JERUSALEM(AMERICA)IN ONE DAY(1776).
    Let me prove to you that the European are the lost tribe.
    Genesis 17:2 And I will make my covenant between me and thee,and will multiply thee EXCEEDINGLY.
    GENESIS 13:14,15,16,17,18.
    GENESIS 15:5,6
    GENESIS 22:15,16,17,18.
    GENESIS 26:3,4,5
    GENESIS 28:14,15
    GENESIS 35:10,11,12,13.
    Read for yourself,don’t believe lies,God is light and in him is no darkness at all.
    New Jerusalem(America).
    Zechariah 2:1 I lifted up mine eyes again,and looked,and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand.
    Zec 2:2 Then said I,Whither goest thou?And he said unto me,TO MEASURE JERUSALEM,to see what is the BREADTH THEREOF,AND WHAT IS THE LENGTH THEREOF.
    Zec 2:3 And,behold,the angel that talked with me went forth,and another angel went out to meet him.
    THIS IS AMERICA,AMERICA,AMERICA.America is going to be destroy,not the satanist,khazars sand box from Palestine.
    Revelation 12:6 And the woman fled into the Wilderness,where she hath a place prepared of God,that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
    Revelation 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,that she might fly into the wilderness,into her place,where she is nourished for a time,and times,and half a time,from the face of the serpent.
    JEREMIAH 50:3 FROM THE NORD(RUSSIA),JER 50:4,913,14,15,16,20,23,24,26,27.
    JER 51:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50.
    ISAIAH 47 BABYLON(AMERICA)47:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15.
    ISAIAH 12:14,15,16,17,18,19.
    ISAIAH 14:4,5,6.

  32. Are these fundementilists for REAL?They gave us Bush;Obama is just Bush lite!But what a mess the all powerful GOP Jew/Fundemtilist party gave him to clean up(IF POSSIBLE)Kieths great satire got them going….Coming out of the woodwork.I guess they don’t have jobs after Bush lost them 6,million(See Buchanans,THE RECKONING),and his Wall Street buddies melted down ther pensions.But thats OZK,the monkey faced drunk started a war,and talked of JEBUS and he was good. ( They even SUPPORT FOX NEWS owned by ROTHCHILD/Bronfmann because as they wolf down there CHEETOOS,and BEER they sit and nod as the JEWS push for more war for Isreal,and more outsourcing of THERE JOBS for BANKERSCAPITLAISEM.and cutting there kids schools,or THERE unemployment/disability!(THATS THE FIRST THIG THE GOP WILL DO TO YOU).The comments have deteriorated to insanity and ignorance.So these are the flag waving plebs who back the neoconservative Jews to fight the liberal Jews and the Communists to fight the Nazis because the Nazis are reallyCommunists!John Birch front group nonsense.Obama is a Jew but also a MUSSLUM!Oh how the elites laugh at this.Please Jeeeeesus have the rapture and get rid of these fools,and let our planet alone.

  33. lol im still laffing, this is awsome bookmarked for real. lol

  34. . . . end ALL wars, dismantle all nukes and remove all foreign bases and dismantle the Federal Reserve first then talk, otherwise it’s Zion-World and WW3 for everyone . . .

    Identify an American President who can do all of this before it’s too late. Where were American voters educated? Inside the Idiot Box?

    • THE BEAST IS ROTHCHILD!PURE & SIMPLE:They control through the CFR,and Federal Reserve.The media/pub;ishing Hollywood Academia.AND ORGAINIZED RELIGION,and the TV PREECHERS!!!!!Whenever that criminal,Churchill is quoted,The Chosen People lie is pushed,or that the wars of the last century (Which killed off the white race,and gave the world to Judea)is praised you know your in Zionst controlled brainwash territory!Get over the good/evil USA propaganda bullshit and the left/right labels and you will see far.

  35. @agree2, Where were u educated? Voting is a steam valve an appeasement. Wake up son! The only chance the world has is to decapitate the beast, all that is needed is some action. We have millions of trained patriots around the world that know how to get the job done, all that need be done is to plug it in and execute. If you don’t know who the beast is I’ll give you a hint: “Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws”

  36. The above information is of Great Value, I think a lot of Hard Work had been done, i appreciate it, Keep it up!

  37. Your views are from the American point of view, yet other parts of the world may experience the same things and not have the same view. Take a look from a broader perspective

  38. We would like to exchange links with you

  39. Yew mean yew wuz not serious wen yew wrote this? Dayamn and I thot I had finally found mah sole mate! Juz ask Dublin Mick, he woulda stood up fer me.

    Yew never tole us wut yew tink about dem dere BP folks and dat lil mess they made down Looeezeeana way.

    Betcha yew thot it wuz nuthin more dan those rich furrin peeps in Florida dezerve seein as dey are all furriners livin dere huh?

    Lord that was hard to write. Spelling that well is very difficult.

    I hope you do not mind but I am going to post this to my blog with all due credits.

    Funny how Dublin Mick sent me your URL when I had just found you on The Ugly Truth earlier today and already added you to my list of blogs to keep up with.

    BTW, your piece on the Ayrabs running Hollywood cracked me up.

    I am sure you know, btw, that in the occult, the plant holly is used for making a wand especially suitable for divinity and the creation/manifestation of fantasies.

    This is why, around almost every architectural Masonic spot of interest, you will find Holly is the surrounding bush. Of course this would be to weave their cabalistic magic of spiritual deception. Even the name Hollywood came from the fact that they wished to spin fantasies and dreams from the film capital created by the Cabalist Masons. I do not know about now but it is said that the huge Hollywood sign was placed where it is for not only view but also because there grew a natural stand of Holly bushes.

    Oops back to being a dum merkan gal. Nice ter meet yer.

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