Hell is for Children


by Keith Johnson

Somewhere in America, a seventeen-year-old boy is living the last year of his life.   

He is in the first semester of his senior year.  His grades have been good, and he expects to have enough credits to finish school early.  He feels like he’s been in school his entire life.  But he has no regrets.  Along the way, he has made many friends.  He took up an interest in baseball and found that he had a talent for playing the drums.  He is in his prime.  He’s lean, fit and healthy.  His mind is sharp and he has an insatiable appetite for life. 

He has also fallen in love—for the first time.  She is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.  He thinks about her all the time, and pines when she is not near.  When they are together, they share wild fantasies about how they’d like to start a family and go into business for themselves selling sporting goods.  He also wants to start a band—just for fun—and perform on the weekends at local venues. 

Today, an Army recruitment officer gave an inspirational speech at his high school.  The guy looked sharp in his clean, well-pressed uniform.  He had a shaved head and two full sleeves of colorful tattoos on his bulging, tanned biceps and forearms.  The boy had never considered a career in the military, but he did find a certain romance in it.  Apparently, so did his girlfriend.  As they left the gymnasium, she made a comment that unnerved him.

GIRL:  He was kind of cute.

BOY:  What?

GIRL:  Well, there’s something about a man in uniform.

BOY:  Really? 

GIRL:  Yeah…don’t get mad.

It was the first time he felt angry with her, and the first time they’d ever crossed words.  He was overcome with feelings of jealousy, which caused him to say a few things he would later regret. 

The drive on the way to her home was uncomfortable.  When they got there, she leaned over to kiss him.  But he did not reciprocate.  Instead, he clenched tightly to the steering wheel and stared straight ahead.  She stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind her as he screeched away from the curb.  It was their first fight.

When he gets home, he steps through the front door and sees his father—glaring at the television—watching another one of his boring news programs.

BOY:  What’s up, Dad?

DAD:  Same sh*t.  Goddamn Moozlims want to build a Mosque at Ground Zero.  Can you believe that sh*t?

BOY:  What’s a Mosque?

DAD:  A place where they train terrorists.

BOY:  Well…that’s no good.

DAD:  No…it ain’t.  I’m telling you, Son, if we don’t kill every last one of those Moozlims, they’re gonna take over the world.  They breed like rabbits.  Killing them all is the only way to stop them.  If we don’t, they’re gonna institute Sharia law right here in the good old USA.  And that’s no kind of world you want your kids growing up in.

BOY:  What’s Sharia law?

DAD:  The law of the jungle.  These savages like to cut people’s heads off…especially Christians.

BOY:  Yikes.

The boy retires to his room and clicks on the television.  “Inglourious Basterds” is on HBO.  He’s seen it before—many times—it’s one of his favorite movies.  Quentin Tarantino is his favorite director. Brad Pitt is his favorite actor. And this is his favorite scene: where the “Bear Jew” is about to bash in the brains of a Nazi with a baseball bat.

The boy reaches under his bed and grabs the baseball bat that he’s used to hit many home runs.  He looks it over as he works his hand across the wood.  He isn’t thinking about baseball.  He’s thinking about how he’d like to take that bat to the head of that military recruiter.  But he quickly dismisses the idea.  That would be foolish.  But, damn, he sure would like to bash someone’s head in right now.  How about one of them Moozlims?  Dad wouldn’t have a problem with that. 

BOY:  Yeah, now that’s a good idea.

After the movie, the boy puts “Call of Duty” into his X-Box.  He hasn’t played video games since he started dating.  It was a good distraction.  It kept him from obsessing over his girlfriend.  To his surprise, he found that he was still a pretty good shot.  In fact, it was as if he’d never stopped shooting.  Over the past few months, he’d been regretting all of the hours he wasted playing games.  But today, he wondered if it really was a waste of time?  What if he could put these skills to work in the real world?

The next day, he pays a visit to the Army recruitment office.  The same man who gave the speech at his high school gives him a warm welcome as he walks through the door.  He has a strong handshake.  The guy calls him “Brother.”  The boy likes that.  He never had a brother of his own. 

The recruiter puts the boy at ease with his quick wit and raunchy sense of humor.  He talks to the boy like a man, and the boy starts to feel like one.  The recruiter tells wild stories about his adventures overseas.  Then he rolls up his sleeves and shows the boy his tattoos.  There’s a wild story behind each one of them too.

Then they got down to business.  The recruiter tells the boy he could make up to $100,000 in his first year.

RECRUITER:  Free housing, free food, free travel, lots of vacation time, up to $70,000 in education bonuses and another $20,000 signing bonus.  Plus, you get free health care for life!

The boy is impressed, and then asks what the odds were that he would see any combat?  The recruiter assures him that he would never have to step foot on a battlefield if he didn’t want to.

BOY:  But I want to be on a battlefield.  What’s the point of being a soldier if you can’t fight?

The recruiter straightens up in his chair and then rises to his feet.  He gives the boy a stern and solid look. 

RECRUITER:  Brother…you don’t know how rare it is to find men of your courage.  Most guys who come in here are just looking to make some easy money.  But you’re different.  You’re a different breed altogether.

BOY:  I just don’t want Sharia law to come to America.

RECRUITER:  That ain’t gonna happen.  Not on my watch.  Not as long as I have brave men like you fighting alongside me.

The boy is hooked.  He was now a man, and about to become a very rich man in a very handsome uniform.  That was sure to impress his girlfriend. 

Later that night, the boy drives over to see his girl.  He apologizes to her and presents her with a bouquet of roses.  Then he tells her his plans.  She cries.

GIRL:  Is this all because of that stupid thing I said about that Army guy?

BOY:  Well, maybe in the beginning.  But if it weren’t for what you said, I would have probably passed up an opportunity of a lifetime.  Jobs are hard to find these days.  A few years in the Army will be good for both of us.  We’ll have plenty of money and all sorts of benefits.  Plus, they’ll pay my college tuition.  I can take business courses, accounting…everything.  I’m going to need to know all that stuff if we ever expect to open a business of our own.

GIRL:  But I’ll never get to see you.

BOY:  Not true.  The recruiter said I get lots of vacation time and free travel anywhere I want to go.

GIRL:  I don’t know.

BOY:  Please…I know what I’m doing.  But I need your blessing.

GIRL:  Well…I guess you would look cute in a uniform.  Way cuter than that ugly bald guy.

They laugh, and then they embrace.

Months pass.  He is now out of school and has just celebrated his 18th birthday.  He has passed his physical with flying colors and is preparing to be sworn in at the local VFW.

Dad is proud, and has already placed a “Proud Parent of a US Soldier” sticker in the back window of his F-150.  Mom is in tears, but she is proud of her son as well.  His girlfriend is taking pictures with her iphone.

After the ceremony, the boy walks up to the recruiter.  They shake hands.  The boy calls the recruiter by his first name and thanks him for all he’s done.  The recruiter seems different now, as if he’s turned into a whole new person.

RECRUITER:  Yeah…don’t mention it.  By the way, you should probably get used to calling me Sergeant.  OK, private?  Now, how’s about you start making yourself useful by helping to fold up these chairs.

The next day, he prepares to board a bus.  He’s on his way to boot camp.  He is no longer a free man.  He is property of the United States Army.  He embraces his parents for the last time.  He gives his girlfriend her last kiss.  Then he boards the bus, never to be seen alive again.

Several months pass.  It’s Thanksgiving Day in Afghanistan.  The boy has learned that real combat is not like the kind waged on an X-Box.  The opponents are a lot harder to kill.  In fact, they’re way better shots than he could ever hope to be.  These guys have never had toys to play with.  They’ve been playing with real guns that they’ve been building from scratch since they were five years old. 

There’s no pause button either, and you have to work a lot more body parts than your index finger and thumbs.  

It’s hot, and he hasn’t bathed in a week. 

He’s never heard screams like the screams he’s heard here.  He’s never heard women cry the way they do here.  He’s never seen children’s body parts carried away in the mouths of skinny dogs before.  None of these images, or sounds, were ever shown on any of his video games. Nor were the smells…

…the stench…that goddamn stench.  He’ll never be able to shake terrible smell.  War has a unique flavor.  It’s like gasoline mixed with blood, urine and sh*t.  It hangs in the air.  You can see it.  Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.  You can almost swear that the stench clouds are taking on a life of their own.  You see faces in the smoke, like demons or ghosts.

He came here to kill Muslims.  But now that he’s here, he doesn’t want to kill anybody.  He just wants to stay alive…and go home as soon as he can.

He’s forgotten all about Sharia law.  There is no law here at all.  Right now, he’d welcome any kind of law that would bring order out of all this chaos.

Something just bounced off his chest.  Was it a bug?  It stings.  He feels like he just wet his pants, but her knows he didn’t pee.  Is it sweat?  He feels down around his waist.  He looks at his fingers.  There’s blood.  He refuses to believe that he’s been shot.  There must be another explanation.  Then he feels a shooting pain, as if he’s been run through with a sword.  He feels around his back for evidence of some kind of metal shank.  But there is none.

BOY:  Mommy, I need to come home.  Can you come and get me?  What the f#ck am I saying?

He’s tired.  He feels like a million insects are crawling around in his body.  Maybe they’re there to help.  Maybe they’re putting things back together.

BOY:  Thanks, guys.  Wake me up when…

He feels detached from his body.  It is moving on its own.  He is cold.  He lies on his back and reaches for a blanket that isn’t there.  He stares into the stench and breathes deeply.  Now he’s urinating…and he’s deficating as well.

As he lays there dying, he isn’t thinking about patriotism, causes, America or any of that sh*t.  This was a big mistake…and he wasn’t prepared to make this sacrifice…ever.

Before the light goes out in his eyes, the last image that flashes through his mind is a crisp vision of the beautiful girl he left behind, and the last word that passes from his lips is…”Why?”

The following week, a 68-year-old Senator in Washington D.C. has just finished his breakfast.  He scolds his maid for putting sugar in his coffee.  He’s on his way to the floor of the Senate to introduce legislation that would increase the troop strength in Afghanistan.  He climbs in to the back of a Lincoln Towncar.  He’s making one stop on the way to the Capitol.  He has an appointment at the spa for a rub down and a manicure.

Across town, a 61-year-old Republican Congressman ducks out the back door of his mistress’s townhouse.  He’s in a hurry to meet with a lobbyist from AIPAC. 

In Texas, a 64-year-old former US President, who lied his nation into a war with Iraq, tees up a golf ball at an exclusive country club.

In New York City, an arrogant, 61-year-old political commentator for FOX News prepares to do a demonization piece on Islam.  In the meantime, he lurches over a young female intern at the water cooler and creeps her out with his unsolicited flirtations. 

None of these old men have seen a day of combat, but that hasn’t stopped them from causing many deaths.

They all had a nice Thanksgiving.  All the kids were there.  It was a nice break from all that hard work getting these wars in order. 

Back home, the parents of the young boy have just learned of his death.  Their lives are over.

Two months later, the parents fly to a special ceremony in honor of fallen soldiers.  At the same time the parents are being seated, the President of the United States is in a back room, watching a game on ESPN as he jokes with Secret Service agents.  An attaché comes in to tell the President that it’s time he made his entrance.

PRESIDENT:  Sh*t!  Oh, well…let’s get this thing over with.  Put this game on pause.  I’ll be right back.

The President puts on his “game face” and goes through the motions, offering his condolences to each parent as they take turns shaking the hand of the man who killed their sons.

When it’s over, the President returns to the back room.

PRESIDENT:  Turn the game back on.

Before he takes his seat, he uses anti-bacterial soap to wash his hands.  He hates touching strangers.  As he washes his hands, he also washes his mind of the parent’s faces and the names of their dead children.

A year has passed since the boy died.  His girlfriend has moved on.  She’s no longer into guys with uniforms, and she’ll never date a soldier again.  She’s met a much older man.  He’s divorced.  He owns a sporting goods store and plays in a band on weekends.  She lost her virginity on the second date.

Nine months later…another soldier is born.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Senator Lieberman!

Merry Christmas, Congressman Boehner!

Happy New Year, Mr. President!

 Goodbye, Son.

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  1. As a Mom of 6 boys I appreciate this. I am printing a copy for each one. Maybe they will get it.

  2. So true Keith. Well said.

  3. That was simply amazing practically brought me to tears, I used to think like that. Thank you for posting it I am going to put it on my blog if you don’t mind.

  4. Good story. It brought to mind the song “Travelin’ Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks. I had not heard this song until the lady who was singing with our group said she would like to do this song, so we started working on it. It may bring tears to your eyes, and in a way I am glad we don’t do this song, because it hits me right in the heart.

    I did a year in Vietnam, no hero for sure, but I was there, and I came back with a whole different attitude than when I first went there. In addition to that, I experienced a huge disappointment in the military overall. I don’t have kids of my own, but if I did I would NOT encourage them to join the military.

    Have a nephew who got bounced out of navy boot camp, for medical reasons, and was very disappointed about it. I told him at that time that somewhere in the world there would soon be some political BS get stirred up, and he would have probably been right in the middle of it. Not long after that the Gulf War started up. Hopefully I made my point, but then his sister’s oldest boy has been thoroughly programmed, and I fear may end up like the kid in your story.

  5. What an absolutely incredibly true piece of writing. It encapsulates and crystallizes the path of perhaps thousands of wasted U.S. lives, as well as the hypocrisy of the politicians and the media around this deadly, farcical war for our “Great Ally” who could literally give a turd about how many Americans die to protect their potential oil pipeline to Haifa. It also perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of the so-called right wing ‘patriots’, and the left wing politicians, all of whom are on the same side of the military-industrial-media-educational-legal-legislative complex, leaving ordinary people to pay the bills and pick up the pieces. May all of these stone hearted blood suckers rot in hell.

  6. In addition to the fact that this story convey an extremely important message, it is also real literature. This is much better writing than the published and praised works of most contemporary authors. While this story is the product of the author’s imagination, the tragedy is that it is actually true in many different variations of many people’s lives. Thank you for this brilliant piece of writing.

  7. ..and all to fight wars for Israel. It all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:
    America Deceived II (free preview)

    • Thanks for telling the truth…

  8. wonderful…moving, thank you

  9. What an incredibly hyperbolic piece. War is horrible enough to make actual legitimate criticism without having to stoop to the most cartoonish characterization possible. The author weakens the impact by making it so ridiculously exaggerated. I sympathize with the intent but I seriously chuckled out loud a few times during this read, almost taking me out of the story completely.

    • You seriously think people don’t realize you’re a TROLL, Yeager?

      I’m a VET, and I’m telling you, first hand, this hits close to home. So go peddle your bullshit somewhere else.

  10. This came in email; quite illegible.
    Please use legible plaintext. It would
    be far more effective, esp. since embeds
    keep the blog URL from propagating.

  11. The only way wars will end, is when soldiers refuse to fight.

  12. Sad to say, he was one of the lucky ones.

  13. Thank you. I only wish the people who need to read this would.

    I lost my brother and best friend in Vietnam. There was a draft then, so the military didn’t have to be as sly and cunning as now. In a way I wish there had been a draft in ’03 when these hateful wars began. They would be long over by now because Americans would have protested like they did during Vietnam when the boys being killed were not volunteering. Middle class America wouldn’t stand for it today; but, as long as it’s someone else’s child being killed…

  14. ALL modern warfare is controlled and promoted by private central bankers. International Bankers fund all this madness for their profit and control. These ultimate control freaks can be stopped by ALL governments printing their own money, spending it into their economies, interest free and eliminating income taxes. Along with our childrens deaths comes impoverishment and homelessness in the countries prosecuting these senseless wars. END THE FED, we need leaders like Lincoln, Kennedy and Jackson once again and prison for the treasonous Banksters.

    • Ken you really should check your TRUE History. Lincoln started the war between the states by helping the North in trying to take over the South. He declared WAR without Congress’s approval and printed money to pay for it, again without approval or authority.

      A True Scoundrel!

      We may never know the truth about JFK. He was trying to get the US out of debt by re-establishing the United States Note to replace the Interest Laden Federal Reserve Note that you carry around in your wallet. The FRB Boys couldn’t have that so they paid Johnson to help take Kennedy OUT!

      Watch Out who you are supporting! The criminals may be the ones you pick. “You can’t see the forest for the trees”; you can’t tell the criminals from the cops – oh! – they ARE the criminals!

  15. Very powerful piece. You captured the recruiter very well.
    This is a powerful reminder that life is precious and fragile, and also the things we say affect others. You could make a simlar story for the silent victims of these wars on the other side as well. Each of them also had a perspective, dreams, hopes.
    Instead the british aristocracy and their secret cult socieities and the banks and military death merchants all continue to profit handsomely and the cycle perpetuates

  16. Great piece I linked you to my blogs if you don’t mind.



  17. No more F**king Wars for fat sassy Politicians and No good Zionist Jew Bankers!

  18. excellent ..this should be read aloud in our now congress of cockroaches..you have obviously read johnny got his gun..dalton would also have luved this piece… till the day when justice comes upon the the 911 henchmen… thus the united snakes has become a police state..the maggots destroyed it from within..

  19. […] Great Article.Really does make you think about everything that is going on today with the military. by Keith Johnson Somewhere in America, a seventeen-year-old boy is living the last year of his life.    He is in the first semester of his senior year.  His grades have been good, and he expects to have enough credits to finish school early.  He feels like he’s been in school his entire life.  But he has no regrets.  Along the way, he has made many friends.  He took up an interest in baseball and found that he had a talent for playing the drums.  … Read More […]

  20. Excellent piece of writing. In any country the story is similar young get duped into believing that combat is like a video game. Perhaps the controllers should impart a painful yet non-letal shock when hit or terminated.
    Quit using the military to protect business interests in places that preffer to remain un-enlightened and the leadership believes 11th century customs are superior democracy (the best system we have at this point).
    Old white men will continue to spill the blood of young poor and middle-class men by convincing them of the patriotism of the cause. Democracy has been used to as a disguise for old white men to protect corporate interests. Send the children and grandchildren of the rich and powerful to the front lines first. This should cool the fire inside old white men to go to war, risk the future of their families first.
    Old rich white are insulated from everything you and I experience in our lives. Elected officials are influenced by these old white men. Does anyone really believe that our society would face a total collapse if these profit wars cease to exist? We would find other ways to prosper. Old white men decided New Orleans wasn’t worth the investment but backward dumps like Pakistan and Afganistan are. Old white men expressed outrage at the treatment BP gets after years of it’s old white neglecting safety. The Alaskin pipeline is a ticking time bomb. Old white men won’t have to worry it is not floding their gated community. Old white dig Sarah Palin and the Tea Party fanatics as they are easily duped. Old white men will use young men to defend old white men against you and I. The party of old white men is back in power get ready it will not improve. Bring the military home, keep out fanatics from the middle east, stop doing the heavy lifting for the European continent. If you allow the unwashed ignorance of the religious idiot to gain a foothold they are impossible to remove without armed conflict. Old white men rule all of us. The perception that age and maturity bring wisdom is misguided. Age and maturity bring an inability to change, a resistance to desenting opinions. The time of old white men needs to end how I don’t have any non- violent solutions. We are stuck on this path to ruin. Any system will be subverted by greed and the love of power.

    • If you take a closer look at these old white men you will find they are old Asiatic Khazarian Ashkenazi jews. Good luck with that truth.

  21. Amazing piece. Thank you. Dugg.

  22. I am a huge fan of Keith Johnson and am always quite excited to receive one of his articles in my in box.

    This particular essay is brilliant. I felt a part of all that was unfolding from beginning to end. Great stuff.

    If governments didn’t pay soldiers to do the dying for them, there’s be no wars. Oh, happy thought.

  23. It’s really not that difficult to figure out . A dose of critical intelligence and any human in America “should” of wrote this.

  24. They cry in the dark
    So you can’t see their tears
    They hide in the light
    So you can’t see their fears

  25. excellent writing—thanks for doing this—a great story of truth and wisdom and awareness….truly a big part of what is happening here now—cheers

  26. Didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have included the following story when I posted my comment (#4) above (maybe I be gettin’ old).

    Years ago I went to a local store for something, and as I left the store I saw someone outside the store at a table, who was doing voter registrations. As I walked by he asked me if I was a registered voter, to which I replied I was. For whatever reason, we got into a conversation, and he said he was also a Vietnam vet. We talked for several minutes, and then I walked back to my car. Just before I arrived at my car the following verse popped into my head, so clear it was as though someone spoke to me. It went:

    Politicians are a crafty lot,
    They say they will, but then they do not.
    A better way to set the world right,
    Give THEM the guns, and make THEM go fight.

    Truly an inspiration, I believe, and I have referred to it many times over the years. Short, but says much.

  27. If only the girl had put out in the first place his life could have been spared.
    how many more lives must be lost to prudish young girls?

    teases kill

  28. and by the way..hell will be for the bankers and their friends in the white horse..all of these feast of fiends will see hell very soon..payback for your crimes will be a bitch..my bitch..from day you blew his brains out in dallas too the DAY THE TOWERS WERE BLOWN..YOUR CRIMES WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN OR FORGIVEN..NO MERSEY FOR YOU..

  29. Everything is discussed openly in America, and every America claims the right to have an opinion on any and all questions. One is Catholic, the other Protestant, one an employee, the other an employer, a capitalist, a socialist, a democrat, an aristocrat. There is nothing dishonorable about choosing one side or the other of a question. Discussions happen in public, and where matters are unclear or confused one settles it by argument and counter argument. But there is one problem that is not discussed publicly, one that it is delicate even to mention: the Jewish question. It is taboo in our republic.
    The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

    Stop dodging the naming of the true enemy. The bankers are NOT eskimos. The PNAC are NOT indians. The men behind the thrones in DC are NOT bushmen of the Kalahari. They are the international jew.
    The first 2 paragraphs aren’t actually my words. They were written by a man in 1920 or so. He and his nation recognized the enemy and attempted to expel them but were destroyed by nations financed by the jew bankers who still own the planet. The man was Goebbles. Now let the insults fly. Call me a racist. Call me anti-semitic. Spew your disinformation or ban this post. It matters not. You are all goyim and they want you all dead. Keep protecting the Bernankes and Kissingers of the world. They are laughing at you for you are an animal to them.

  30. Fabulously written and poignant beyond belief. Alas, it is all too true. There would be no war if there were no participants. Remember what happened in Vietnam when the men realized they were just slabs of flesh and highly disposable.

    Thank you once again, Keith, for a literary gem.

  31. This was sad. “Wouldn’t be nice if the assholes who started wars were the ones that fought em’
    Kevin Costner-The Postman

  32. Sam quoted this verse in one reply:

    Politicians are a crafty lot
    They say they will
    But then they do not
    A better way to set the world right
    Give THEM the guns
    Make THEM go fight

    That would kill several birds with one stone. Ending all wars while also getting rid of all politicians. The domino effect down to the last parasite feeding off this system would be felt like a global earthquake, giving the planet a chance to rejuvenate before a new breed of parasites start the vicious cycle all over again. Humankind never learns as history has shown all too well.

  33. Excellent piece of writing. Any other words escape me at the moment. Thank you.

  34. Great. Just great, great stuff.

  35. Good Lord!! Continual wars that go into decades, bureaucrats crossing the land harassing the People, high taxes, foreign invasion at our borders.

    Once there was The Intolerable Acts (5 of them in 1774) that incited AMericans to take a stand against tyranny.

    My son informed me that he’ll have to do 2 yrs. in Afghanistan (already been to Iraq twice) in the next four years. Our government is killing our children.

    Everyone needs to read a new book out where Americans take a stand against tyranny. It’s a must read cause they are tired of forced patdowns/body scans, continual wars where their children are dying.


    It’s every parents requirement to ensure a good future for their children. It’s current & a thriler. I recommend it.

  36. Mr Johnson,
    I think you are a very good writer. You don’t waste words. And you know people and life in America. That’s why this piece is so powerful.

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