Meet the Lunatic Who’s Calling Ron Paul a Lunatic

Shout it from the mountaintops!

Eric Dondero, the former Ron Paul aid who has been calling the Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate everything from a racist (at least he’s implied that he is) to a lunatic is—in fact—a racist and a lunatic!

In a January 3 posting on Loonwatch, a blogger who goes by the name of Danios writes, “Indeed, Dondero is a rabid Islamophobe and Sharia conspiracy theory nut.  He runs a blog LibertarianRepublican, which is replete with anti-Muslim postings.”  

Here are a few of Dondero’s posts: (expletives modified by me)

  • Are you an American or some f***ing Communist/Fascist piece of s**t sent to destroy us from within?

Danios writes, “In the same thread, he argues to deport Muslims as “his solution” to “the problem.””

Here’s a couple more jems:

  • Call me a dickhead if you wish. But I’m a DICKHEAD FOR LIBERTY.
  • This is about an alien culture, coming into our AMERICA AND WESTERN EUROPE and invading us from within.

Dondero is also quoted in a December 21, 2011 article for Philadelphia Weekly. He’s upset that some Jewish leaders have sided with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to decry a Pennsylvania bill prohibiting “the application of foreign law which would impair constitutional rights.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“My fellow Jews need to buck up,” says Eric Dondero, editor of Libertarian, over the phone from Houston. “The big problem right now is Islam and Islamism invading our country. And if they want to continue to move in, we need to fight back. Their culture is coming here.”

“Dondero, a former staffer for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, has blogged extensively about what he calls “creeping Sharia Law” over the past several years. He says if you want to know what Sharia looks like in the United States, all you have to do is look at Europe, where he claims Muslim Europeans have “invaded” the countryside.”

“They’re invading Switzerland and a Swedish island called Malmo, where the Muslims are raping all the European and Swedish women,” he says, recalling that city’s reports of lawlessness between the Jewish, Muslim and Neo-Nazi populations. And he fears that if Sharia Law isn’t banned in all states the way it was banned in his, the U.S. is next.”

If Dondero is so worried about Muslim immigration, perhaps he should take Ron Paul’s advise on foreign policy. Muslims wouldn’t be coming here if we weren’t bombing the Hell out of their countries. Since the 1967 Six-Day War, Arab immigration into the United States has increased eleven fold. Most of those are Catholics. As far as Muslims are concerned, they represent no more than .06% of the American population. In Congress, there is only one state representitive—Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Relax, Eric. I don’t think Muslims are going to be marrying our grandchildren or knocking down our doors to slice our heads off (silly fantasies that most Islamophobes harbor)anytime soon.

Danios sums it up by saying, “Why on earth is anyone taking what this guy says seriously?  As a rabid Islamophobe, Eric Dondero has every reason to hate Ron Paul, who fired him long time ago (even before the 2008 election).  Dondero hates Ron Paul for the reasons that every Islamophobe does: (1) Ron Paul opposes Islamophobia against American Muslims; (2) he opposes the Bush-Obama curtailments of civil liberties that specifically target Muslims; and (3) he opposes America’s many wars in the Muslim world.”

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  1. Watch out for people with moustaches.

  2. We should show up at his place and see if he is willing to get a rifle and ship him over there to kill muslims…I bet he is a little girl when a man steps up to him.

  3. Who REALLY runs our world?
    search “israel Did 911” and search “ZionCrimeFactory” for proof.
    “US Rep. McKinney has accused the pro-Israel Lobby in America (AIPAC, ADL, etc) for ruining her political career.She refused to sign the pro-Israel pledge from Congress and took a pro-Palestinian stance. Because of this, she said “war was declared” on her by them. In 2009 she told TIU’s Ognir that “more than 99% of Congress work for Zionist-Israeli interests.”

  4. “””Why do you defend the very people who KILLED 3,000 AMERICANS AND CHEERED ALL ACROSS THE MUSLIM WORLD AS IT HAPPENED?”””

    I thought it was the Jewish guys in New york who were dancing on top of the minivan while the twin tower were burning and crumbling.

    I thought the Wall street is full of Jewish guy who are destroy us from within.

  5. Poor stupido with perfect brainwash.

  6. He appears to be on the correct side of Ron Paul for the sort of person he is. RP is much better off with this guy against him. Could he be being groomed by media as an obvious nutcase patsy for when the real string pullers decide there’s no option left but to JFK the guy?

    If I were tasked with torpedoing the Ron Paul campaign, though, I’d have guys like this in droves show up to all his rallies and speeches. That’d tend to cool of mainstream support fairly quickly.

    So, it’s lucky whoever’s promoting this guy isn’t doing that.

    “They’re invading Switzerland and a Swedish island called Malmo, where the Muslims are raping all the European and Swedish women,”

    Ha! Just met a nice lady born in Malmo the other day. I dare any of Dondero’s “crazed Islamic rapists” to attempt to get within two metres of her. She’s very big, very tan, very blonde, and very strong.

  7. I’m not certain, but as far as I recall, there were no muslims, radical or otherwise arrested on American soil that day. There were Israeli radicals arrested that day. Not because they are jewish, but because they were driving a truck with explosives toward a major bridge.

  8. Ouch!!! I know Ron Paul sacked him – but this is the first time I’ve doubted Ron Paul’s judgment in that he ever hired him in the first place! Oh, well – I suppose we are all entitled to one!! :-)

  9. 19 arabs with box cutters did not do 9/11 It is well known among the intelligence agencies around the world that Israel is the CULPRIT

  10. This is, again, a clear cut case of “Jewish” projection. In the 1940’s, “Jews” [Khazar imposters] invaded the US and forced their alien, anti-Christian culture of “progressive” [sic] “liberalism” [sic] on us as a country. “Jews” always accuse other people of crimes that THEY commit. Hence, “the Muslims want to take over your country and destroy Western Civilization” coming from a “Jew” or one of their witting or unwitting mouthpieces, is a Freudian confession that it is THEY who are and have been for 2000 years the sworn enemies of Christ and the civilization he founded.

  11. A Jew…

  12. Pity Dondero, he and all the candidates for president (except for Ron Paul) have decided not to see with their own eyes the jubilation of zionists on 9/11. Never mind the dancing israelis in Liberty Park. Never mind Nethanyahu saying on fox “9/11 is good for israel.” Never mind the theft of Arab land since the zionist entity was assembled in 1948. Never mind the endless murders of men, women & children. Never mind the INTENTIONAL ATTACK UPON THE USS LIBERTY. Never mind the neo-conmen that flung this nation into Iraq. This guy is obviously another made man at the pawn shop.

  13. If this Muslim-phobic idiot is against Ron Paul, shows Dr. Paul is doing something/everything right !!

    Interesting comments – the article is about this fanatic, but the majority of commenters also note the truth about the celebrating Israelis-with-explosives arrested on 9/11. Good to see people educated about the truth of this infamous day.

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  14. This scumbag is an Israeli agent and cares not about America he is the “Enemy Within”. The only people in America that don’t want Ron Paul to become President are the Jews. It is clear who the real enemy of America truly is. As the Roman statesman “Cicero” looked upon his great country as it was crumbling down around him, he set out to find the cause of the destruction of his beloved Rome and concluded it to be the work of an “Enemy Within”. Those who are subverting and distorting the truth about RON PAUL and his message of LIBERTY and FREEDOM is the “Enemy Within”.

  15. Two notes:

    Not fired. That’s an internet rumor started by some leftists posing as libertarians a few years ago. Kind of like the “Ron Paul gets more military donations” lie. Once someone repeats it, it’s considered a fact.

    (I refer those who believe I was fired to Ron Paul’s fmr. chief of staff Tom Lizardo in N. VA who has confirmed on countless occasions that is not at all the case.)

    #2, to the poster above who doubts my resolve in fighting Islamo-Naziism, and suggests I take up arms, umm, dude, already have – United States Navy Vet, 1981-85 (hon.) USS Kittyhawk (aircraft carrier), and USS Luce (Guided Missile Destroyer). All four years sea duty, mostly in in the Persian Gulf during the height of the Iran/Iraq War and the Gulf of Aden.

    You might recall the news of the sister ship of the Luce, the USS Stark. 37 of my shipmates killed by Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi naval forces.

    I would thank you to thank me for my military service. When and where did you serve in uniform btw?

  16. Okay, Eric, Which candidate receives the most donations from current and former US military personnel? Also, which candidate do you like for the Republican nomination?

    Care to comment on the circumstances of your and Tom Lizardo’s departures?

  17. why debate a racist fanatic? Waste of time and breath.

    Either they will finally wake up or they will lose their soul.

  18. I agree that debating fanatics is seldom fruitful.

    Asking “ericdondero” for his opinion on a few important points isn’t anything like debate. What I’m writing to you, Beowulf, is closer to debate.

  19. Thanks Keith, your work is great, and the contribution to the real truth movement is priceless. I’m listening to you on Deanna’s show and how ironic it is that you are discussing the Hitler/Nazi bashing theme that is rampant in the truth movement. I emailed Deanna yesterday about this.

    One cannot tune into the majority of the alternative show without hearing the Hitler/Nazi comparison to our current police state. What’s worse are the ones who bash Alex Jones for his refusal to talk about the Jews because they are almost step for step the same as Alex.

    I contacted a woman, Becky Ayers? regarding an article she wrote on Lew Rockwell com about TSA where she compared them to Nazi Germany. I asked why and made my case by citing the position the truth movement takes. She responded and said she does this to get people’s attention then attacked me for not believing Hitler was the evil person we were taught.

    I contacted Oracle’s owner on this subject and asked how are they different and why do they say the government lies on everything except when it comes to Hitler and the Nazi’s. Surprise surprise, I never received an answer!

  20. To all the Jews haters who posted here, I am a Zionist Jew who supports Ron Paul. Communist is a philosophy pushed by the establishment worldwide, regardless of their ethnic or religious background. Communism is a secular idea, not a religious philosophy. Religious and more conservative Jews are against Communism. Yes, some Jews are liberal/socialist/communist, but so are many non Jews. People who are liberal whether they come from a Jewish, Christian or Muslim background buy into it based on ideas they have been taught, not because of their background. Communists don’t believe in a God, so it’s hard to understand where you get the idea that Judaism endorses communism. You guys are just as bad and wrong as the mainstream media that constantly plays the race card, but you prefer to use the Jew card every time you reach back into the past to blame the Jews, the Jews did it ….. blah blah blah. For your information the prime movers in the revival of libertarian/constitutional ideas have been Jewish such as Ayn Rand, Ludwig Von Mises and Murry Rothbard

  21. The real problem is Zionism because everything from the piracy of our wealth (although Israel did not exist in 1913, Zionism was alive and well), to crime, poverty, and war can be traced to our anemic representation in Washington that Zionists and their loyalists hijacked through the AIPAC lobby.

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